Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

I posted last week that I had been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter gradual tanner and that I was loving the results. With two nights out this weekend I will definitely be stepping up the fake tan routine this week and will use a mixture of gradual tanner and over night developing tan. When I used the gradual tanner I didn't use it on my face as I feel it would be too thick and oily to use on my face, leaving me with blocked pores or break outs. Instead, I have been using Clarins Liquid Bronze which is specially formulated for the face and decollete.
This is a light cream formulae which is white, you apply it to the face and neck with cotton wool pads and a natural looking glow develops in a few hours. I have been swiping a little of this over my face before I go to bed and letting it develop overnight.
The results are extremely natural, meaning not obvious orange or dark tan. It just gives more of a sun kissed glow to the face. This is perfect as I apply makeup and bronzer anyway so don't want my face to look super dark to begin with. This doesn't break me out and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, if anything it is quite refreshing.
I also have a Vita Liberata self tanning lotion for my face which I may give a go this week as well and report back. I was given this tanner a while ago from a family friend and I think so shops sell it with new packaging now.
You can get this at Boots for £17.50 or cheaper online.
What is your favourite facial tanner?
G xxx

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  1. I love this fake tan too! I find my skin actually clears up when I use it.


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