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In my last blog post I mentioned I bought a Macbook. I decided to be very naughty and buy a gorgeous  cover/case for it to live in. I came across this Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Neoprene 13" Computer Case and fell in love!

To be honest I think it was the colour that made it love at first sight. It is called Pop Orchid and is a beautiful vibrant purple/magenta colour. I also love the touch of gold hard wear.

Inside is just as nice as the outside, lined with soft fluffy faux fur, in the same colour. This is perfect for keeping your Macbook safe and scratch free. I got my from Shopbop and was super impressed with the service. I ordered it on a Monday and received it on the Wednesday...two days to come all the way from the US!

Marc Jabobs have so many other nice tech accessorises, I'm so tempted to buy the matching iPad case, but my bank account is telling me no. Since I splashed out on this gorgeous and stylish new home for my Macbook, be prepared for some shop your stash posts coming your way!

G xxx

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  1. Hi G, I love your blog and love this Marc Jacobs case! I have been looking for this exact case for a while and after reading your post I checked Shop Bop but still couldn't find it. Hoping you are able to help with a link maybe? Thanks in advance and looking forward to reading more from you xo

  2. Hi aww thank you! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I had a look on Shopbop but couldn't find it either. The tablet cover in Pop Orchid has gone in to the sale so I can only assume the laptop case did as well and has sold out :( I googled it to see if I could find somewhere else that sells it but could only see Macy's and Barney's- http://www.barneys.com/Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Dreamy-Logo-13%22-Laptop-Case/00505022092823,default,pd.html
    . Not sure if you are in the US or if they do international shipping. Hope this helps!

    G x

  3. Hey G, Love your post and that Macbook air is truly dreamy!!! It looks Magenta-ish in your pictures but in the Barney's link, it looks purple! It's really confusing when trying to find pop orchid on google you get to see magenta pinks and bright purples too...Would the case in person be closer to the purples showcased on your barneys link or the magentas shown on your blog? Ive found it on another link and I'd really love to pick it up for my macbook air...love love love the pinks from your site but don't really like the purple that's displayed on barneys lol! Would love your feedback xx

    1. Hey! Thanks :) I know it is so hard to tell when ordering online. I would have to say I think they colour is closer to the pictures on my blog than the barneys link. I would say it is slightly more purpley in person but it is a lot brighter than they purple on the barneys website. Pop orchid is a beautiful shade so I think you would like it even if it turns out to be slightly different than expected. I hope this helps! xx


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