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I thought I would share with you my new favourite candle brand, Lily Flame. I have often spotted these candles in shops but had never bought one. My dad had picked one up for me as part of my Christmas presents and I was really impressed by it. It was the 'Silent Night' candle that he got me and at first I thought it was a special Christmas one but apparently it is part of their permanent line.

Silent Night smells amazing but it is so hard to pin point what it smells of exactly. It is a sweet but also fresh scent. I literally kept opening the tin of Christmas day to smell it. All the Lily Flame candles come with wax chunks sticking out of the top of the candle which looks pretty but these disappear pretty quickly after lighting the candle.

On Boxing Day I lit the candle and was so happy that the scent was nice and strong when lit and the aroma filled the room quickly. So many other candles I have tried including Yankee Candles smell amazing in the container but once lit don't give off much of a smell. Well Lily Flame candles definitely don't have that problem. The scent drifted all over the house. So far I have burned the candle a lot and it still isn't near the end.

Being so impressed I went online to look at the other scented candles that they do and came across Coconut Grove. Now I love the smell of coconut, it reminds me of holidays and sun tan lotion! I ordered one for me and one for my mum who is also addicted to coconut scents.

When the candles arrived a couple of days later I fell in love with Coconut Grove. It smells identical to the Body Shop Coconut Body Butter...yummy! I have tried coconut candles before and have always been disappointed with then but again this one smells amazing when lit.

I am loving candles right now and when I'm done using all the candles I already have I will definitely be looking to buy some more from Lily Flame as they have so many more amazing scents that I would love to try.

Have you tried Lily Flame Candles?

G xxx

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  1. I absolutely adore candles and really want to give these a try. I haven't seen them readily available at any stores though :(


    I just started a new beauty blog. Won't you come and take a look?

  2. I'm obsessed with scented candles

  3. My favourites are Fairy Dust and Blush, so lovely! x


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