A Guide To Buying A Designer Bag

Buying a designer bag is a big deal. You save up your hard earned money in order to buy one so you want to make sure you get the right one.

As some of you may already know I used to work for Mulberry. During my time there I gained lots of knowledge about designer bag and how they are made (I even got to go to the factory in Somerset to see them being made in person). During my time with the company purchased two bags and even with my discount it was still a huge decision for me and it took me ages to decide which one I wanted.

So I thought I would share with you my guide to buying a designer bag.

  • Designer bags are not cheap so you need to be sure that you really want one and are willing to invest your hard earned money in a quality bag.

  • Once you have decided to take the plunge you should think about what you want from your bag. Firstly ask yourself what you want the bag for. For work, a wedding, an everyday bag, an evening bag? You also have to take in to consideration your lifestyle. For example we used to get a lot of mum's with young kids coming in. We would show them cross body bags or ones with longer straps so they could still have their hands free.

  • Once you have figured our the answer to these questions you can start looking at the features of different bags which will match what your looking for. Do you want one with lots of inside compartments? Do you want one with a zip for extra security? Do you want one with a detachable strap? Do you want the bag to be lined or are you ok with it being unlined?

  • When deciding on what colour to get think practically. That hot pink bag may look amazing but will it go with the rest of your wardrobe? I love the brightly coloured bag but knew I wouldn't get my wear out of them so settle on a black one and a tan one. That being said if you absolutely love a brightly coloured bag and think you will be able to get a lot of wear out of it then go for it. You are better getting a bag you love rather than settling for something practical but boring.

  • Also look at the colour of the hardware (zips, buckles, clips etc) If the bag has gold hardware but you aren't really a gold person then you might want to think twice. Do you like bags with the designer logo all over it or do you prefer a more discrete looks.

  • Think about the material of the bag. The basis for most designer bags in leather however there an many other types of materials on offer.
    • Leather- hard wearing and quite practical
    • Pebbled Leather- softer and more pliable
    • Patent- shiny and tends to be hard wearing
    • Lambs skin- super soft and delicate and easily stained or marked
    • Spazzalato- smooth leather but not as shiny as patent
    • Snakeskin- very delicate and high maintenance
    • Pony Skin- leather with the hair left on, needs looked after
    • Ostrich- ostrich skin with visible hair follicles
That is just a brief run through of some different leathers. So if you are someone who chucks their bag about then a more hard wearing leather might be better. Also look at the grain of the leather. The same style bag can vary greatly from bag to bag, some are smoother where as other can be heavily grained. It really comes down to personal preference so ask to see a few of the same bag.

  • Try the bag on in the shop to get a feel for it. Even ask to put some of your things in the bag to make sure there is enough space etc.

  • Take your time in deciding. Don't feel bad for asking to seem lots of different styles or spending a while in the shop. The sales assistants are there to help you. Ask them plenty of questions but never feel pressured to buy from them. You can always go away and think about it for a while.

  • Find out how to care for the bag. When purchasing a designer bag you should be given care instructions. There are also several products which can be used on them to help protect them. An essential for me was a water protector spray to stop the leather getting water marks.

  • Take care of your bag you did pay a lot for it after all but don't be scared to use it, get your use out of it. Finally enjoy using it!

So there you have few tips and things to think about when purchasing a designer bag.

 For me I chose a classic style in two classic colour and I am glad that I did because I use them on a daily basis, the black for work mostly and the tan for more casual days. I know that the style will not go out of fashion any time soon either which is great. I have had my bags for over 2 years now and they still look great whereas I would have probably gone through several high street bags by now.

A 'What's In My Bag' post is coming soon!

G xxx

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  1. I would love a Mulberry bag! I have though about buying one for so long but I just don't think its a good time for me to do it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on buying one, some really great suggestions :)

    Elle xx


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