Molecule 01

For Christmas I had asked my brother to get me Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. I had hear so many beauty bloggers talk about this and was so intrigued by the whole concept of it. With it being so expensive I asked my brother to get me the smaller 30 ml bottle.

Molecule 01 only contains surprise, surprise one fragrance molecule and is supposed to smell different on everyone who wears it. The main attraction is that although the wearer can't really smell the scent (the scent is supposed to come and go for the wearer) other people can really notice it and to them it smells amazing. Having heard stories of people being stopped to be lots of people to ask what perfume they were wearing, I had high hopes.

When it arrives I was excited to try and and I completely agree that when you first spray it, it has a slightly woody spicy smell however this soon disappears and you can't smell anything apart from every now and again throughout the day.

Now here comes the best really does have an effect on other people. Whenever I wear this someone always asks what perfume I'm wearing or tells me I smell amazing! So I definitely agree that there is something about this scent that attracts other people.

I have asked my mum several times what it smells like to her but she can never put her finger on it. She simply says it smells nice.

This is really hard to get hold off and I had to get mine from the Liberty website. Yes it is very expensive compared to some other fragrances but I think it is worth it to have a unique scent which everyone seems to love.

Molecule 01 gets a huge thumbs up from me :)

G xxx

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  1. I've debating whether to buy this or not! It's so tempting! xx

  2. I'm so curious about this! Every one seems to say the same fantastic things about it! Definitely one for the wishlist :) x

  3. I can't decide whether to buy this or not, it sounds great!

    Kimberley x

  4. I have wanted to try this for quite a while, but the fact that you can't smell it yourself puts me off lol. It might be something for the birthday wishlist :)

    Elle xx


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