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After Christmas I decided I really had to stop buying as many beauty products and try and save some money. I have enough products to last me years and years from make up to skin care to hair care I could set up my own Superdrug!

Under my bed lies a huge basket full of different hair, body and skin products that I dip in to now and again. But I decided to fill a little box (an old Glossybox) full of skin care and hair care products that I need to use up before I'm allowed to buy any more.

This is only a small percentage of products I owe but hey it's a step in the right direction.

In side the box are several hair products mostly hair oils and treatments for the ends of my hair. I have my Healthy Sexy Hair Nourishing Treatment, VO5 Miracle Concentrate, Argan Oil and John Freida products for healthy ends. As these are all oils or serums you only need to apply a tiny amount so using these products up is hard!

I also have lots of skin care items. I have all my mini Liz Earl products from Christmas, face masks, moisturisers and lots and lots and lots of eye creams. Again like the hair oils you only need a small amount of eye cream so it seems to last forever. By remembering to put it on more often I'm hoping to work my way through them.

Slowly but surely I will get through these products and not let them just sit at the back of my drawer. Also when I think oh I need a new hair oil/serum or eye cream or moisturiser or face mask I will say stop you actually don't need anything just visit your little box of products that need to be used up first.

Boring I know, but saving some money and using up the things I buy seems like the most sensible thing to do! Then when I have finished everything I can have a shopping spree for new products :)

G xxx

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  1. Ahh I love that heel genius stuff, seems like a good idea to use them up before buying new stuff. I probably need to do this too, new products are so tempting though! haha x

  2. This is great and you feel really good after doing it :D I'm doing the same thing with my body lotions and hand creams :)

  3. Sounds like a good idea! I need to do this aswell :-) Love that Burts Bees nail butter - its a favourite!!

  4. Love hand food & heel genius! This is a great idea, I really need to do this, have so many products I need to use up
    Daniella x


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