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One of the main problems I have with my make up is getting it to last all day. Usually come lunch time it has almost disappeared, not good. Also on nights out it's essential for me to try get my make up to last the full night. This is trickier than it sound when you are in a hot and packed bar or club.

Thankfully the cosmetic industry has been developing more and more products to help us all out with this common beauty dilemma.

My main product for extending the lasting power of my make up is a face primer. There are so many good primers out there and nearly all cosmetic brands have one in their range. In the past I have used Smashbox Photo Finish primer and for extra staying and mattifying power on a night out No 7 Beautifully Matte primer (this does feel quick thick but really does the job!).

Primers will help your foundation go on better and keep it in place all day.

Next if I'm wearing eyeshadow on a night out I will always apply an eye primer. These well and truly work to keep shadows lasting all day. Two of my favourite eye primers are Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion.

After finishing your make up it is essential to set it to make it stay put. A pressed or loose powder is great for setting make up I mentioned Sleek's ONE Finishing Powder in a recent post which I am loving right now. Also Boots 17 Pressed Powder works really well and also keeps my face shine free, plus it is cheap which is a bonus!

If you find powders too cakey then you can also try setting sprays. I use MAC's Fix+ spray but I have also heard good things about Urban Decay's All Nighter spray. These give a more dewy finish but help make make up last longer.

Finally to keep lipstick lasting longer I used a product by Elizabeth Arden called Lip-Fix. This moisturises and evens out the lips to cheek lipstick in place. Also blotting your lips after applying colour can really help.

What products do you use to keep your make up lasting all day?

G xxx

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  1. I love Urban Decay Primer Potion, it is the best eye shadow primer I have tried. I don't have any right now and I notice such a huge difference! I have never used a setting spray but they sound really good :)

    Elle xx


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