Tangle Teezer Disco Purple

This little product is definitely one that I couldn't live without! The Tangle Teezer has been around for a while now but I thought I would share my love for it and the various ways I use it.

I first experience the Tangle Teezer when I visited the hairdressers a while ago. I have long and very often tuggy hair (probably due to back combing). I was amazed at how easy the hair stylist was able to get my tugs out.

A while later I was in Sally's and saw the pretty little Tangle Teezers on display. I decided to get one, why not! So I went for Disco Purple, purple with glitter through it.

Well I have been addicted to this little brush ever since.

I use it when I come out the shower to brush my hair when it is wet. This helps get any tangles out and prevents breakages.

I also used it to put my hair in a pony tail. This is honestly the most useful tool for doing this. I can get a perfect pony tail so quickly :)

I even use this to back comb my hair. For some reason the small bristles are really good for doing this and I find the back combing last a lot longer using the Tangle Teezer than a normal comb.

I love my Tangle Teezer! There are now lots of different versions of the Tangle Teezer available now.

If you haven't tried this amazing little brush yet then I highly recommend it.

G xxx

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  1. I think I need to get one of these little brushes. My hair is very long and thick and I hate brushing out the tugs due to the fact that it feels like it is doing so much damage.

    Elle xx

  2. This is an amazing hair brush. I have two of them. one being the full size in the disco purple color and a compact one where I leave it in my bag. This is the only brush that leaves my hair smooth and tangled free.

  3. I do love this brush! I don't know how anyone can go without one x


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