What I Use To Curl My Hair

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted curly hair. I have naturally poker straight hair and it is always the same people with straight hair want curly hair and people with curly hair want straight hair!

I think my hair look a lot nicer curled and gives it added volume which I desperately need. In order to curl my hair I have tried so many things over the years, old school foam rollers, tongs, straighteners, rags, heated roller, sleep in rollers, tongs, wands....you name it I've given it a go.

Having used my GHD's for many years to curl my hair I then moved onto curling irons with clamps and this is what works best for me. As a result I have a few different curlers with varying barrel sizes.

My favourite and the one I use most of the time is BaByliss Professional 210 Curling Tong. This has a 25mm/1 inch barrel. This gives me defined yet soft curls which I love. I use this to curl my hair for everyday use and for nights outs as well. It is so east to use and with this I can curl my hair in less than 10 minutes. I usually use this on the highest heat setting which is 210 C.

For when I want bigger, much looser curls I use my BaByliss Volume Waves Hair Tong. This has a 38mm/1.5 inch barrel and gives the effect of a big bouncy blow dry rather than actual curls. This curler is so smooth due to the nano titanium ceramic coated barrel and gives me a nice polished look.

For tighter more defined curls I use a BaByliss 13 mm curling tong. I can't find this particular curler any more however the most similar one would be the BaByliss Pro 13 mm Ceramic Hair Curling Tong this is a much smaller barrel therefore gives tight curls. These curls always last longer and give a lot more volume but is a bit more time consuming so I don't uses them very often.

Finally in an attempt to save my ends I recently purchased Remington Pearl Pro Curl Hair Styler from Boots. My ends usually get dried out and damaged very quickly due to the ends being in the clamp for the longest amount of time. To counter act this I thought I would try a curling want instead. Well lets just say I can not get the hang of using a wand at all. My hair barely curls and goes very static when using this. Maybe with some more practise I will change my mind but for now I think I will be sticking to my BaByliss 210.

When curling my hair I don't tend to use any specific products and I rarely use a heat protector (bad I know!). Instead I condition my hair whenever I wash it and use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. I also apply argon oil to the ends before I blow dry it.

The only other product I use when curling my hair is hairspray and I even only use this if I am going on a night out or somewhere where I need some extra help holding my curl in. My favourite hair spray is Fudge Skyscraper for the mere fact that it smells amazing! It states that it has the scent of coconut and apple, which to me if more coconut and than apple.

My technique is so simply. I section my hair off in to three layers then I simply clamp a one inch section of my hair and twirl it up inwards until near the root. I hold for 5-10 seconds and release, repeating and working my way up to the top layer of my hair. It's that easy and as I said I can curl my whole head in around 10 minutes.

How do you curl your hair?

G xxx

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  1. I have only ever used my GHD's to curl my hair. I used to have the normal sized ones and now my hair is much longer I have the wide plate ones. I still like them but I have been thinking about getting a curling iron for a while now, I just can't decide if I should get one with or without the clamp. Great post :)

    Elle xx

  2. Snaps Babyliss is a fav as well! Has never let me down.. :)


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