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Philosophy is a brand which I really like. I like their products, packaging and their whole thinking.
The Philosophy packaging is simple yet recognisable, with many other brands trying to emulate their style. They state that 'philosophy use lowercase writing and children's photos to remind us to love life, with curiosity, wisdom and joy. we believe to be a super model all you really need to be is a super person.'  I love this! With a strong focus on skincare, Philosophy have a wide range of products but no make up (lip shines, yes). This matches their beauty from within approach.
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Philosophy products.
This is an two step at home peel to help resurface you skin, leaving it fresh, soft and smooth.This was given to me by my lovely generous friend who didn't think she would use it. You first apply the vitamin c/peptide crystals (it is a sort of scrub) lightly to the skin. You then follow this by applying a little of the lactic/salicylic acid activating gel. You massage this in to the skin until all the crystals have been dissolved. Then rinse thoroughly. This leaves my face so soft and smooth afterwards. It is really good to use if your skin is feeling a bit dull as it will certainly leave your face feeling brighter and more radiant.
I included this in my February Favourites post. This is one of the best hand creams I have tried. Super moisturising but not greasy in the slightest. It absorbs quickly leaving you with soft, hydrated hands.This is also great to rub in to your cuticles as well.
Although you can use this product for all of the above, I mainly use this as a shower gel (I think it would be a nice bubble bath as well). This smells AMAZING! I love the scent of coconut and this is one of the nicest coconut fragrances I have smelt. It is so yummy and tropical. Besides the fab smell it is also really rich and moisturising on the skin and not harsh like some other shower gels.
I received a sample sized of this free when I made placed an order with Philosophy back in October. I really liked this cleanser. I kept it in the shower and would use this to take off all my make up before I exfoliated. It worked really well at removing my make up especially mascara and left my face feeling nice and clean but not tight and dry.
If you a have never tried any Philosophy products and want to try something from the brand then the above are a good place to start. I wasn't so keen on their Hope In A Jar Moisturiser as I just found it didn't agree with my skin.
The thing I love about ordering from Philosophy is that they always have some sort of offer running, whether it be a free gift with your first purchase, money off if you spend a certain amount, free shipping over a certain amount or a free goodie bag with purchase.
In my most recent Philosophy haul I got a huge amount of products free as well as free samples. I was so pleased as a lot of the products were full sized.
Next on my list if the Senorita Margarita Shower Gel and the Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy?
Have you tried Philosophy products?
What is your favourite product?
G xxx

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  1. I have the purity cleanser and had wanted to try it for ages. It does work well but I wasn't a fan of the scent. Luckily it is only a small size I have of it that I got in the sale for about £5. i would love to try one of their shower gels some of them smell amazing. x

  2. Thank you for sharing! I always wonder about the philosophy brand. I love coconut, so I need to pick up that wash!

    Hope you have a great day!



  3. Love the micro delivery peel pads. Got them from space nk, v expensive tho, around forty pounds but worked a treat and smelled fab.

  4. Great post! I have never tried any philosophy products but it is so tempting haha

    Jo xx

  5. LOVE the purity cleanser!


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