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With the state of the economy being the way it is, it can be really hard to justify spending money on yourself. However, some times we all just need some 'pick me up purchases', things to make us feel better when we are feeling a bit down. During the recession I have found it a lot easier to justify buying a small beauty pick me up product than spending money on a £30 top. That being said I seem to buy a lot of these pick me up beauty products...oops! In my eyes buying a beauty product doesn't seem as naughty as buying clothes.
It's amazing how something as small as a lip balm can pick you up. Who says retail therapy doesn't work?! Here are some perfect pick me up purchases
Nail Inc Nail Polish in Porchester Square
Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm
Aromatherapy Associates Essentials Bath & Shower Oils
Smith's Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm
Lily Flame Blush! Candle
There is something about beauty products or candles that instantly make you feel good. Is buying beauty products more justifiable in your head too? ....just me then?
G xxx

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  1. I have just got Hue today :D great beauty minds think alike! I've followed you back.. thank you so much xxxx

  2. I love Smith's Rosebud lip balms! My favorite is the mint rose!

  3. So agree! Love MAC lipsticks...



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