Statement Necklaces

I must admit that my jewellery obsession has been toned down over the last year or so but I have a major weakness for statement necklaces. I think there is nothing chicer than a simple outfit dressed up with a beautiful statement necklace.
All of the above I found on Pinterest. Pinterest is the most amazing place to find outfit inspiration. I have a Glam Up Fashion board which is full of statement necklaces, floaty dresses and hot heels. The necklaces above where some of my favourites that I came across.
I have started to accumulate a few statement necklaces myself.
The black and gold triangle necklace is from Boohoo. This is such a gorgeous necklace and looks as good against black as it does any other colour.
The gold collar necklace is from ASOS. I love this one, although it is super heavy and kind of hard to get on. I have worn this with a plain black dress before and it instantly dressed my outfit up.
The purple and green jewelled necklace is from Dorothy Perkins. I absolutely fell in love with the colours in necklace. I even have matching earrings.
The gold link necklace is from Wallis. This one is simple but really stands out. I recently wore this with a cobalt blue dress and it looked very striking.
I think these kinds of necklaces are great to own as you can put on a fairly simple or casual outfit and instantly make it look more interesting it a big bold necklaces.
Do you love statement necklaces?
G xxx

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  1. Im going shopping today and a couple of statement necklaces are on my list! xx

  2. I am such a huge statement necklace fan! They are such a great way to style up simple outfits...I love your purple and green one :)

    Elle xx

  3. WOW! I just love the beautiful statement necklace displayed above. These big, bold and chunky necklaces are hot during this season. Although I often wear Kilkenny newbridge silverware necklaces, but this time I purchased a statement necklace and this is the newest piece of jewelry in my wardrobe.

  4. Arghhhhh I wish I'd seen that Dorothy Perkins one, I'm desperately looking for a statement necklace those colours!!


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