What's In My Going Out Bag

When I did my How I Get Ready For A Night Out post, I mentioned that I would do a What's In My Going Out Bag post so here it is. On a night out I am most likely to be found carrying a clutch bag, I love them. I have lots of different styles and always find that I'm drawn to them when shopping. My go to clutch is an over sized black suede one with gold detail from Dune. I got it a couple of years ago but I know they still do a similar style in different colour and designs. It is big enough to fit all my stuff in (I hate trying to squeeze everything in to a tiny clutch) and also has a little gold chain strap that you can use if you want to.

I try to take minimal amounts of things out with me and surprisingly I am not the kind of girl who takes out her whole make up bag. I like to spend a while doing my make up well before I go out so that I only need to take out s few products to freshen up my make up. The beauty products that can be found in my clutch are lipstick, lipgloss, concealer and bronzer. I also keep a little M.A.C travel powder brush in my bag which is such a handy size. Also I carry a perfume atomiser so that I don't need to take a heavy bottle out with me. A comb is also an essential for a night out for mid-night backcombing.

My Vivienne Westwood purse is quite big and can be heavy so I usually just put my bank card, i.d and money in a small coin zip purse to pop in my clutch. My feet always kill me on nights out thanks to my gorgeous but painful high heels. As a result I like to have a pair of party feet with me that I can pop in my shoes to help ease the pain, every little helps. The final item is of course my iPhone. This never leaves my side and I tend to just use this as a camera if I decide to leave my proper camera at home.
So yeah, the contents of my clutch are actually quite simple and minimal. What do you carry in your going out bag?

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  1. Great post hun! I am in-love with TooFaced's bronzer! It works wonders on my skin! And how beautiful the NARS lipgloss is! <33 I need to get it asap!

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  2. Where is your phone case from?

    1. Hi Natalie

      I got it from H&M, was only £5 if I can remember. I love it x

  3. Great post! Love Nars lipgloss! Skindinavia make-up setting sprays are amazing, I would highly recommend to use before a night out!



    1. I might give it a try, I have heard lots of good things about it. I need all the help I can get to keep my make up in place. Thanks :) x

  4. I always have a massive clutch bag so I can carry around a pair of flats with me. Sounds stupid but worth it when my feet are killing!


  5. I cart around so much with me on a night out as well, love the make up bits!

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  6. I literally only carry money and my phone lol xx

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