Beauty Is Pain?

There is that old saying that "beauty is pain", well is seems as if a lot of us do suffer for fashion and beauty. A survey by First4Lawyers showed that 193 people have suffered an injury from a cosmetic or beauty treatment whereas another survey found that 66% of Brits have suffered a fashion-related injury or accident. 

Some of the most common beauty injuries related to waxing and uv tanning. As well as having their hair cut or dyed. One thing that I have learned from studying beauty therapy has to be that safety is key as so many things can go wrong if beauty treatments are not carried out properly. It's important to make sure that your beauty therapist carried out a proper consultation with you before any treatment to make sure you are suitable for the treatment and it is safe to carry out the treatment. If you are having your hair dyed or eyelashes or eyebrows tinted always make sure you get a patch test done 24 hours prior to the treatment incase you are allergic to the dye.

 With regards waxing make sure the therapist tests the temperature of the wax on her own and your wrist before applying it to the area being waxed, if the wax feels too hot then let her know. Also make sure the therapist never dips the same spatula in to the wax pot twice as this can cause cross-contamination which can lead to infections. It is also important to apply a soothing after wax lotion to help any redness or inflammation. With any beauty treatment it is important to receive proper after care advice and never be scared to ask the therapist. 

 Some of the fashion related injuries include sprained ankles from falling over in high heels, tripping over a long dress, a bad back from carrying a bag that is too heavy, damaged ears from catching an earring and feeling faint from wearing clothes that are too tight. Years ago it was tight corsets that caused women to suffer for fashion, nowadays it is Louboutins and Prada bag! I have definitely gone over on my ankle from wearing super high heels but have luckily never done any serious damage. I am also guilty of tripping over my gorgeous maxi dresses and having a sore back (but super toned left arm) from carrying my heavy Bayswater around. 

When you think about it, it really is so silly that we suffer so much in the name of beauty whether it be a serious injury or just having unbearably sore feet from dancing in sky scrapper heels all night. My favourite KG heels kill me but I tell myself it's worth the pain because they look so good...I think my poor little feet would say different! 

I do keep a little pouch in my hand bag with essentials incase I do happen to suffer a beauty or fashion emergency when I am out and about. It contains some pain killers, plasters, blister stick, nail file, kirbies, safety pins and some wet wipes. I put my little kit together but I spotted a super adorable Miniemergency Kit from Shopbop which contains double-sided tape, a safety pin, a mending kit, earring backs, dental floss, clear nail polish, an emery board, nail polish remover, stain remover, hair spray, hair elastics, a tampon, pain reliever, breath freshener, lip balm and comes in a cute little zip bag. Sounds like to perfect life saver for girls on the go. I have added it to my wish list!

Have you ever had a beauty or fashion injury?

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  1. Yes! ARghhh my new pale pink brogues rubbed so so bad my heels bled - it was awful! I put on these blister sticky pads that you leave on for 3-5 days and it just falls off once the cut is healed! They were see through too so slightly better than a plaster and much more waterproof :)

    I always buy heels thinking ooh they're so pretty, but never think about the pain I'll be in after wearing them! :(

  2. aghh..ya, that´s why I have issues finding the right shoes..especially heels...I alaways end up in pain!!

  3. heels always get to me! Dancing + heels = so much pain!

  4. Heels kill me every time! I think I can dance with them on but my toes beg to differ.


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