Salon Vs At Home Treatments

I love being pampered but don't go to a salon or spa all that often. Since starting my part time beauty therapy course it feels like going to a salon three times a week as we are always trying out different treatments on each other. As a result of gaining a bit more in depth knowledge of various beauty treatments I thought I would share my thoughts on what treatments to go to a salon for and what ones you can easily do at home.
Manicure & Pedicure
If like me, you change your nail colour all the time then it would be super expensive to get your nails done at a salon regularly. This is definitely a treatment I would say save your pennies on and do at home. There are so many great inexpensive polishes out there (Barry M & Essie are one of my faves) but I would say invest in a good top coat to keep your manicure looking it's best for longer. I use the Jessica Brilliance Top Coat along with the Jessica Quick Dry Drops. Another top coat I would recommend would be the Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, this stuff is amazing. As long as you have a bit of patience you can get a salon finish manicure at home easily.


Having a massage is one of those treatments that feel amazing but we just never seem to have time for. This is one treatment I would definitely recommend going to a salon for. Although it is possible to do a DIY massage to get the most out of it definitely visit a professional. Massages were something I viewed as a special one of treat before but after learning massage I have to say that it has so many physical and psychological benefits that I would recommend treating yourself to one every month. I really noticed a difference in how I felt when I was getting weekly massages as part of my beauty class.


This is a bit of a split opinion. I feel that sometimes facials can be over priced in salons and can easily be done at home. I featured how to do an at home facial on my blog a couple of months ago, so check this out if you want to know the steps I take. You can achieve just as good results doing a facial at home. If, however, you are wanting a relaxing experience rather than purely results then you can't beat a salon facial. It's also great to visit a salon if you want a facial which incorporated more complex machines or paraffin wax (I love paraffin wax facials!).

Lash/Brow Tint

This is definitely one to visit a beauty therapist for. Although a straight forward treatment there is a lot of things that can go wrong or make it difficult to apply yourself. No one wants dye in their eyes or eyebrows 3 shades too dark! Lash tinting is great for people who have lighter lashes as you really can see a noticeable difference. Even brow tinting is great. I naturally have very dark brows but even on me a brow tint makes my eyebrows more defined and fuller looking. Lash and brow tinting are fairly inexpensive in most salons so this is one treatment that is actually great to visit a salon for.


Tanning can be a tricky one! If applied badly at home it can be a disaster, this is why so many people like to visit salon's to get a professional spray tan. I love the results of spray tans but hate going for them (I don't enjoy standing nearly naked and posing in awkward positions!). For special occasions I would say it is safer and easier to pop to a salon for a spray tan. If you do, make sure you follow my tips on how to make your spray tan last longer. Otherwise, I would say you can get great results at home as long a you prepare properly before hand. This means exfoliating from head to toe and only applying moisturiser on the areas that fake tan clings to such as knees, elbows, hands and feet. Mitts will give a lighter colour but are so easy to use. Whereas latex gloves give a more intense colour but require a bit more elbow grease to rub in. My favourite tan at the moment is the Montana Tan 1 Hour Tanning Lotion. I have already done a full review on this fake tan...I LOVE IT!


For waxing it is best to visit a salon. There are lots of a home waxing strips you can buy however most of these are used cold and as a result and more painful and less effective. Using salon warm or hot wax will open up the pores making it less painful and easier for the hair to come out. Beauty therapists will also be able to see and reach the areas that you can't! It is so important to practise good hygiene when waxing as just waxed area can become irritated or spotty if not kept clean afterwards. Salons will be able to provide you will good aftercare and homecare advice.

I have tried to cover most of the main beauty treatments here but there are so many on offer nowadays. If there is a treatment that you fancy doing at home the I would suggest doing research and watching plenty of YouTube videos on it before hand, this is how I taught myself how to do Shellac and Gel manicures at home.

 If you have any questions about beauty treatments then leave them below or tweet me @glamupeveryday .


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