Monday, 16 September 2013

Beauty Product Organisation/Storage

Lately I have become obsessed with organising. I love the feeling of everything being in order as I find my mind is so much clearer when everything is tidy and organised. I have a huge amount of make up and beauty products, far too many infact. A couple of weeks ago I decided enough was enough and set about organising my products properly. Here is how I went about it...
Previously, all my non make up beauty products were housed in a large wicker basket. Over time this has become increasingly overcrowded, products were chucked in any old way and the wicker basketwas treated to a nice tan courtesy of Fake Bake several times. I rarely remembered what products I had and as a result I would buy more and more products.
I firstly bought three 1 litre plactic boxes (from Home Bargains) and decided to organise my products in to three categories- 'hair', 'face/body' and 'tanning'. This would mean whenever I wanted a hair product I would simply go to my little hair box and look for a product rather than rummaging through a mixture of products.
I used a label maker to print clear category labels which I stuck on the front of each box.

I already have another small plastic box and labelled this 'mixed' for any odds and ends that I might have as well as all my travel sized beauty products.

Finally I store them under my bed so they are out the way but yet they are easy to slid them out when I need a product.
Organising my beauty products made me realise just how many I have and has encourgaed me to use up what I have instead of spending more money on unnessesary products. It's also like a mini shopping trip as I get to shop my newly organised stash.

Keep an eye out for an updated make up storage post coming your way soon as well as some more organising posts.


  1. Recently did the same- had some lovely products I forgot I had so was like getting a huge beauty box just for me!!
    I do kid myself I won't buy any more but the truth is I'm an utter addict.
    It's amazing how all those Glossy box & birch box mini's have added up.

    Dips x

    1. I know I kid myself on all the time that I won't be buying more but its just too tempting! x

  2. Replies
    1. Too much stuff, really have no self control x

  3. I had to do this too, but instead I just separated it all into different drawers of my Malm Dresser! So much easier to find things now!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. The Malm Dresser looks amazing, wish I had more space in my room for one! x

  4. What I needed was a storage facility that made me feel that my stuff would be secured. What I got was a clean and well-run facility, that sense of security, also a friendly staff to make my comings and goings a pleasant experience.


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