Saturday, 18 January 2014

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Over the last two to three months my skin has been the worst it has ever been in my life. I went from having fairly clear healthy looking skin to getting tonnes of really bad breakouts and increasingly oily skin. It was a nightmare. Having never been self conscious about my skin in the past, I found it really hard to deal with. I still don't know why my skin decided to freak out (maybe my Clarasonic, stress, central heating or weather?!) but I got to the stage where I was searching for anything that would make my skin better.

I tried various products that worked ok but I was still breaking out a lot. A few weeks ago I watched one of Amelia Liana's YouTube videos where she raved about the Clarins Face Treatment Oils. She said that the Blue Orchid oil had completely changed her skin. With this in mind, when I spotted the Clarins Face Treatment Oils on special offer at I decided to find out if it was any good.

Clarins do several versions of their Face Treatment Oil to suit different skin types. Considering the state of my skin I decided to got for Lotus which was for oily or combination skin. The face oil is usually £30 which is quite pricey so I was so happy to find it for £24!

When it arrived I was excited to try it so I removed my make up straight away and applied it. The packaging is lovely. It comes is a glass bottle with a dropper to make it easy to apply. I was amazed at how much product you got (30ml) compared to my other face oils.

The first thing I will say about this oil is that it smells AMAZING! Containing a blend of essential oils, this product smells like it is straight out of a spa. Words cannot describe how good this smells. I often find myself just opening the bottle to smell it haha.

A few drops of this goes a long way which is great as the product will last forever. The instructions recommend to press this in to the skin (press and release motion) rather than rubbing it. I have been doing this every night after cleansing my face.

The oil itself contains rosewood and geranium essential oils to cleanse and purify, lotus extract to balance and hazelnut oil to soothe and lock in moisture. It claims to purify, tighten pores, refine the skins texture as well as locking in moisture.

I must say since I have started using this face oil I have seem a dramatic improvement in my skin. Breakouts have nearly stopped, any blemishes I do get disappear in half the time and marks from old blemishes are a lot less noticeable. My skin feels moisturises and soft in the mornings but never oily, in fact my skin feels less oily now.

I am most impressed with this little oil and so glad that I purchased it. Every night I look forward to applying it as it smells and feels so luxurious and has had great effects for my skin.

If you are having a skin nightmare I definitely recommend giving this a go!


  1. I used to use a Clarins Facial Oil when I was travelling around Australia and I remember the gorgeous smell which always takes me back! Clarins is not a brand I often buy from, but will certainly keep their products in mind.
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog

  2. I love Clarins oils, I will be reviewing the Blue Orchid one next week. Glad you've managed to find something to sort your skin out. xx



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