Pink to Make the Boys Wink: Kate Spade Accessories

So a week of being at home struck down with the flu, feeling terrible and sorry for myself could only culminate in one thing....a lot of online shopping. Aching, coughing, shivering, spluttering and sneezing had left me feeling awful. Having not worn any make up or clothing other than my jammies all week, I knew a make up or clothing haul just wasn't going to cut it; there was only one thing for it...accessories.

Whilst perusing Shopbop I decided to check out the Kate Spade products. I love Kate Spade as a brand but here in the UK it is much harder to get hold off. One click and I was transported out of my sick bed into accessory heaven! So many pretty things!

As I'm sure many of us do, I made my little imaginary shopping bag, all click happy, but once I got to the check out I thought twice. This happened for a few days in a row until I had a weak moment (I'm blaming all the flu medicine, personally!) and actually went through with it. Oops.

Here is what I got....

Shopbop has some amazing iPhone cases and Kate Spade knows how to do a damn good one. I was torn between this Kate Spade Floral iPhone 5 Case or a Dita Von Frustenberg one but in the end the bright, pretty colours of this one won. I love the colours, the acrylic finish and the the gold foil Kate Spade detail at the bottom. You can feel that it is a higher quality than most other phone cases and on the inside it says 'Live Colorfully' which I think is a nice touch. I'm obsessed with it! 

The next item was a bit of a splurge. I ordered the Kate Spade Gramercy Bracelet Watch in Bougainvillea Pink. I entirely blame Makeup by Tiffany D for the purchase. I remember watching her Christmas video where she talked about her Kate Spade watch with the bright pink face (it's a slightly different model) and I feel in love with it. The way she explained why she loved it just made me want it in my life. When I saw this one on Shopbop I decided to get it. I love the bright pink and gold together and think this would be really pretty with a simple black dress or jeans and simple top. It is also a good size, not too small but not to big and chunky. 
Plus it was significantly cheaper than buying Kate Spade watches here in the UK!

Finally I got the Kate Spade Small Square Stud Earrings in Flo Pink. You can kind of tell I was on a pink kick, can't you?! Of course I simply got these because I thought they would look so cute with the watch! The bright fluroscent pink looks really pretty with the gold casing and I think these would look amazing with a tan. They are slightly larger than normal studs which makes them perfect for nights out as they are more eye catching. 

I honestly cannot fault Shopbop at all and in fact I was extremely impressed with the service they offer. I placed my order on Tuesday and it arrives two days later on Thursday, all the way from the US to Scotland, that is impressive! Items I order from here don't even come that fast. The shipping is free and I opted for the prices to include any potential duties and customs charges so I didn't need to pay anything extra when they arrived at my door. Thank you Shopbop! 

I'm a little bit in love with my new Kate Spade accessories and now I want everything from her collection. She has such fun, vibrant and girly products. These bright pinks are perfect for spring and summer and definitely helped cheer me up from feeling so unwell!

ps. the little pouch/purse in the picture if from Accessorize. Cute, isn't it?!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I need that watch right this minute - I can't get the site to work, but I want to see it haha xxx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. That phone case is so beautiful! Perfect for Spring/Summer.

  3. I am obsessed with Kate Spade!! Love that phone case :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix


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